can't repair permissions


obviously, i'm having trouble repairing permissions, i get an error message that says no valid packages, i'm running version 10.5, unfortunately i can't link the beginning of the problem to any certain event (like an update). i deleted a bunch of .pkg files to free up some space, but as far as i know, that shouldn't be what disk utility is talking about. help! thanks very much in advance
I doubt you are using 10.5 ;)
So, which version is it? How did you try to repair the permissions? Did you boot into your os DVD/CD? Do you have any partitions?
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It can't possibly be 10.5, as 10.5 hasn't even been made yet! The latest release of Mac OS X is 10.4 with an update to 10.4.1.

Perhaps you're running 10.3.5 or 10.2.5 or something like that?

...unless you're talking about the version of Disk Utility, which very well may be 10.5 (I'm not at a Mac right now to check).