can't restart after trying to install OS X


I'm fairly new to macs, and I've been trying to install OS X v 10.2 on an emac. the system profiler (?) told me it is a powerpc G3 with 256 RAM. Every time i try to install, i get to a point in the process and the installer quits, leaving me an error message. I understand this is probably to do with a dirty cd, but thats not the issue i'm most concerned with. when i try to boot as normal form the hard disk, the system just hangs on the grey screen at the start with the apple logo.I get that screen with static looking pattern over a horizontal band half way down. it also seems that the installer is leaving files on the hard disk each time i run it, as my available disk space is dropping. have i killed the imac? help!! i just want to be able to boot as normal!! my boss is going to be angry!!
How old is the eMac machine?

Apple machines tend to want to be booted only with the most current release of Mac OS X at the time the machine was released -- meaning, if this eMac is relatively new, it may only boot Panther or higher.
If it is a CRT iMac (G3) and not an eMac (they are all G4s), did you download and install the firmware update prior to attempting to install OS-X ?
That Firmware is very important.
Also , I would encourage you to give that machine more Ram.
Good Luck.
thanks for your help guys, sorry for the confusion, i'm dealing with an crtimac, not emac. I updated the software via the inbuilt updater in 9.2.2, but now i have a feeling that that is different to updateding the that correct? so any suggestions as to what would be the best thing for me to do now? if i give the machine more RAM, is it more possible that the OS X install would work? i think the machine had around 256mb...
The firmware should have been listed in the software updater along with the rest of the updates you got. As far as RAM is concerned, I would make sure you are using at least 512 MB, especially with 10.2 as it was a RAM hog. It might be better for you to just trash the old imac and get a new one(if that's in your budget). That way you'll be using updated hardware and 10.4.

As a last resort, you should try doing a fresh install and see if that helps. Boot from the install disc, wipe the drive and then do a normal install of 10.2.
Check your private messages if you haven't already.
My solution is a little bit long winded.
Also , most G3 iMacs can "only" use a maximum of 512mb ram. For best results, I suggest you max it out.
Good luck.