Can't See Contents of Afp Network Volume In Classic


We are running a MS Windows 2003 Server, and share drives using the AFP protocol for our Macintosh OS X/9 clients.

When we mount a shared network drive on a Macintosh client running OS 10.3.8, we are able to see the contents of that drive without a problem. But as soon as we start a Classic application such as QuarkXPress 4.11 and use the "Open" command to open a file from the AFP network volume, some files and folders are not being displayed. Why?

Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.

I wish it would be that simple. :)

The shared volume contains various different file types, not only Quark 4.11 docs. None of the files appear. Be it Quark docs, EPS, or TIFF images. They're just "invisible" to Classic apps.

I also tried unsharing the folder on our Windows 2003 Server, and resharing it. That didn't help.