Can't See External Drive In Finder


New to Mac, intermediate PC user. I'm having an issue where I can't see my Seagate Free Agent in my 2011 MacBook Pro (10.7.4).

The drive is NTFS but I'm using Paragon and can write to it, up until the other night I had no problems. I use it to Dj and the place I was at on Friday had two power issues (someone cut the power not realizing it) and I got the "drive did not eject" message. Tonight when I tried to plug in my drive it wasn't recognized in my finder. I thought it could have something to do with the power issues last night and here's what I did in terms of troubleshooting.

Plugged the drive into my PC, ran an error check, everything was fine. I was directed to another forum through Google and read about resetting SMC, did that, no luck. I also read about resetting the PRAM and another user who had an issue with a drive, cleared the cache and everything worked. I tried those as well with no luck. (I created a thread elsewhere on Saturday but no answers)

I then plugged in my brothers identical model drive to see what would happen and sure enough I don't see it in the finder.

I do see it in system report when I go to USB, this is what puzzles me. I'm usually pretty good at troubleshooting but I'm about 2 weeks into owning a Mac and the last time I had used Macs regularly was in school a few years back on G4s, I'm a little out of my element.

This is the model of drive

I hope I've included enough info, any help would be appreciated.


Hi, thanks for your response, the alert went to my junk mail so I'm just getting here now.

But yes but just by asking me that I did go to and see it in Disk Utility and was able to verify, then repair the disk and now it shows in my finder.

Is this something that may happen periodically or can I hope that this is an isolated incident? (I did find it weird that my brother's drive didn't show even though it's never been plugged into the Mac before)

Cheers and thanks for your help.


I think you mentioned that you lost power accidentally to that drive....
That's the likely source of your original problem.

Do you occasionally lose power to your computer, or your other DJ gear during an event?
If you are like other DJs that I know, then I think you can say might happens.

You might want to look for power backup for your gigs. Your MacBook Pro takes care of itself, but your external hard drive uses AC for primary power. A small UPS might be a good power backup with that hard drive.