Can't sort by name??


I'm having a problem with the Finder in OSX 10.7.5... I just can't seem to get the files to be sorted by name, and when I select Arrange By Name from the menu, they come out sorted by date. This is starting to get annoying as it slows down my work flow. Can anybody tell me how to fix this?

I've tried all the Arrange By (and Sort by options, from pressing the option key when in the menu), but whenever I select Arrange By Name, the files are sorted by date instead. The Arrange by Kind, Size etc. options all work fine, so it's just the sorting by name that seems to be broken.
In list view, "Arrange by" (other than "none") turns OFF sorting, and you are left with the limitations of the arrangement that you selected.
"Arrange by" is not, IMHO, a proper choice to sort a folder of files.
I would refer to that as a way to arrange files for specific uses. If that works for you to show a sort of all the files in a folder, then that's just luck!

Will this work for you?
In List View, choose "Arrange by" as "None", then click on the Name header in the file list to change the sort by name. Click a second time to reverse that sort...
Thanks very much for the quick reply, your suggestion worked!

I hadn't thought of selecting arrange by 'None'