Can't Upgrade to 10.4.1 or 10.4.2


hi i just got Tiger 10.4 for my imac DV...i installed it (in about this mac info is says MAC OS X 10.4) and i cant upgrade to 10.4.1..or 10.4.2

i downloaded the update from Apple (i also use software udate and doesnt even give me the option of downloading it)...well i open the updater and it says my volume doesnt have the right requirements for this update..thanks
i downloaded and doesnt want to install..

my friend came over and installed it for me......he moved away and i cant contact him to find out what there anything i can do??
Do an "About this Mac" from the blue Apple menu, then click where it says "Version 10.4" -- it should change into different text. When you see "Build 8A24" or something like that, make note of that text... what build is it?
That's a pre-release version of Tiger, available only to paying Apple Developer Connection members. It's not intended for public use, but was leaked out illegally to file sharing sites/networks. That's most likely how your friend got it -- illegally.

You will need to purchase a retail copy of Tiger if you wish to be able to update it in the future.