Can't Upload Images to imgur


Hi. I just signed up for imgur, 'cause it seems that none of the free image-hosting sites work for me without some serious hiccups. However, when I click on any uploading button or icon, nothing happens, and I get the message in the footer of my browser window: "javascript:void(0);"

I went back into Firefox preferences, and made sure that java was enabled, but no help.

I'm running a Mac Mini, 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo, with Tiger 10.4.11, and Firefox v.6.26. I've previously posted about upgrading my drive, but that isn't gonna happen. Just as a note: I'm also on dial-up, but I don't see how that applies to THIS problem. I tried looking up a third-party app or add-on to no success.

Any suggestions?
You could go to…Tenfourfox, which gives you access to a much more capable browser, and will still run on your old system…Another choice would be to upgrade your system to 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

A) I may have solved the problem temporarily. I took a shot, and opened the "options" on NoScript (a 3rd party Firefox add-on), and disabled the "forbid Java" option. I'm in the process of uploading an image to imgur right now.

B) The last time I posted about upgarding my system, I beleive that I found out that I could NOT jump directly from 10.4.11 to Snow Leopard, and that I would have to add ram even if I could. Does that sound correct?
No - I think you have misunderstood your earlier thread.
You can upgrade directly from 10.4.11 to Snow Leopard. You don't need to install 10.5 first, for example.

But about your RAM requirements - Yes:
Snow Leopard requires a minimum of 1 GB. In any event, if you don't have 1GB already, it's something that you should consider, even if you decide you don't want, or need to upgrade to 10.6
Your CoreDuo mini can be upgraded to a maximum of 2 GB RAM.
I would say that upgrading your RAM is a Good Thing™, as it will help your browser, and your system should be more stable, and you should notice an improvement in the speed of your system.
The RAM upgrade on your older mini is tricky, but not too challenging.
This video shows you how:

Glad to hear you found a way to make your uploading work.
You may want to look for a site that does NOT need to use Java :D

I also posted originally to your earlier thread about this issue.
I was incorrect then about Lion.
Your CoreDuo mini is limited to upgrade to a maximum of Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6.8), and Lion will not install on your mini.
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