carbon copy cloner: which files to clone for system and app BU

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hi, just did a major cleanup of my system. now i want clone my system for backup purposes using carbon copy cloner. i figure cloning just the system and necessary files for some apps like photoshop should be fine.
since i do not have to much space for making a backup, which file should in clone?
when i start CCC i get a list from the system, should i include all files exept users but including applications?

Carbon copy cloner will not work in 10.4.0 and 10.4.1. However it will work in 10.4.2. This was because a flaw in Apple Keychain that was fixed in 10.4.2.

Now are saying that you don't want to back up everything because of limited space. I then would urge you to get a larger external hard drive preferably firewire or better. They are dirt cheap now if you smart shop and should cost less than $45. CCC will make a full, bootable backup.