Cd Burning "no Volumes That Macosx Can Read" Error


Hi Folks,

Using a G4 iMac for 2 years - no problems with burning CDs from iTunes on my internal Superdrive until a few weeks ago, with the download/install of Tunes 4.9. Now, the process of burning goes just fine (formatting, burning...) until the final step: I'm getting a message "You have inserted a disc with no volumes that MacOS X can read. To continue with the disc select Ignore" and the burn is unsuccessful. Any ideas?

I am using the same supply of media (same package) I have used successfully in the past several months (TDK CD-R 700 MB up to 48X compatible). I am currently running OSX 10.2.8.

Upon searching around, I have seen this problem posted on the user forum a few times over the past few months, with no answers.

Can you help?


Open the "CDs & DVDs" pane of the system preferences, and change "When you insert a blank CD:" to "Ignore." See if that helps.