Cd Clipping On Importing Music Into Itunes


I have some CDs of piano music which I have recorded from a Technics digital piano via line-out analogue to a separate CD burner. They sound fine on my hi fi, but when I import them into iTunes the sound is distorted and clipped on certain passages. It seems iTunes adds varying dB boost to the music which results in clipping distortion.
This affects all import formats: AAC high res/ AIFF/ Apple Lossless.
Can you advise me the best configuration to prevent this.
All other CDs eg commercial + iTMS downloads sound fine so I know the system set up is OK.
Is it best to uncheck Sound Check on import?
How much do iTunes EQ settings affect imported tracks as they are burnt to the hard drive?

Thank you
Nicholas Down
I believe that Sound Check may have something to do with it... try turning it off when importing. Sound Check does boost and lower the gain for songs in places it deems necessary, so a quiet passage may be boosted to be as loud as a louder passage.

I recommend not using Sound Check at all for this exact reason, but that's simply a personal preference.

iTunes EQ settings do not affect the actual sound that is imported.