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Using OS X 10.3 I like to make copies of CD's on my computer that I can mount as though the CD was in the drive. For example, Warcraft 3 requires the game CD to be inserted into the drive before you can launch the application. What i have done is create an image of this CD so instead of inserting the CD all I need to do is mount the image. This also works with the WorldBook encyclopedia CD that came with the computer. The trouble is, this only seems to work with some CDs. Is there a fail-free way to do this with all CDs? I want to fool the computer into thinking, for example that the starcraft CD is really in the drive when it is not.


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Some CD protection is programmed to look not only for a mounted device that looks like the CD, but also checks to make sure that the CD is actually mounted from an actual, physical CD/DVD drive. As far as I know, there is no legal way to fool these programs into using a disk image instead of the actual CD.


I'm trying to accomplish a similar thing:
I currently use the Rosetta Stone software, which requires the data CD to be in the drive for the software to run. (When launching the application, the program searches for the CD) I can run Rosetta Stone when I have the data CD in the CD-drive, but I want to be able to run Rosetta Stone without the CD in the drive. I want to create a "virtual cd", so the program 'thinks' there's a CD in the drive.
I've tried creating a .cdr, and mounting that with Disk Utility, but no luck..... perhaps if I can mount the .cdr I created through the console as a "CD-rom"? I'm not exactly sure how to do that, though - is it even possible?
FYI - I'm on 10.4.2
Any help would be appreciated.


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It sounds like Rosetta Stone is searching a physical device for the CD, not a virtual device like a disk image. In this case, there isn't a workaround.