cd not reading


I bought 4 albums with a total of 6 CDs. Two of them will not work on my Macs. I tried on a Mac PowerBook Pro circa 2007 running 10.6 and a new Pro circa 2011 running 10.7.5. I put the CDs in the player in my truck and they work just fine. I wanted to load them into iTunes.

In both cases, I push the CD into the slot, it hunts around sometimes for almost a minute and finally pops the CD back out. I tried with iTunes running and without iTunes running. The other 4 CDs worked just fine... loaded up and were copied into iTunes without a hitch. I believe I have iTunes 11 on both platforms.

Any ideas how to get around this issue?

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If the same two CDs don't read on two different Macs, then it's likely that those two CD disks are just not reading properly.
You could try cleaning the CD disk surfaces first - but that doesn't make a lot of sense on a brand new CD, but still worth trying, just to check. You can try polishing the disk with a soft, dry cloth - or whatever is your favorite method for cleaning disks.

You could try burning copies of those two CDs, using some burn app like LiquidCD, or whatever your choice.
You may find that the disks may copy OK, even if they won't play. Be sure to quit iTunes - which should launch automatically when you insert the music CD.
A burned copy sometimes will work better than the original. At least that has been my experience when there's a disk that doesn't quite read correctly.


Well, I can't make a copy if I can't even load them can I? They have to at least stay inside the machine for me to have any hope but they just get ejected after a half minute or so.


That's part of why you would try cleaning the disk surface.
You could also try cleaning the drive, using a drive cleaning disk - even blowing into the cd drive slot with a Can-o-Air may make the difference.

But, sometimes the burning software will read off the disk, if you give it a chance. The main thing that you can do is quit iTunes as it may launch automatically.
The burning software _might_ let the disk stay in the drive, so you can at least read the CD to make the copy.
So, launch some disk burning software of your choosing, and _then_ insert the CD. If you can get the disk to mount, then the burning software may complete the job.

If you still get no good results, and the CD just won't stay in the drive - then you want to try some other alternatives.
1. Return your CDs for replacement, they're damaged somehow.
2. Try burning copies on a completely different computer - a Windows PC might have better luck, maybe...


Use a Windows computer with a CD Writer and copy the discs on Verbatim discs. I bought a Sony DVD writer, put it in a Firewire enclosure, and find that it will read and write to discs that the Superdrives in my Mac won't. Apple seems to make their systems extremely picky with the media used in their provided drives. I've had success with both these ideas above.