Cell Phone Software


I am looking to connect my cell phone to my clamshell. I was wondering what programs are out there that work with samsung phones. Thanks in advance.
Who knows? Recently this place has been flooded with one-time visitors who post a question in the wrong forum, then never show up again. Hopefully Secunda is not one of those -- if we take time out of our day to help these people, the least they could do is accept the help! :D
Welp more then likely cause the user didn't originally post in this forum at all .... Sorry for the delay in the response but I've been away :>
(The question was probably asked to the volunteer support group thingie and auto-moved to the "appropriate" forum later. That's an automatic system that can fail... You'll notice that this happened usually when a user obviously seems to have posted but has a post-count of zero. See? Secunda has 1 post now that he's posted a second time...)