Challenges with Apple Mail auto-complete


Hi all,

I'm seeking advice regarding some challenges with Apple Mail auto-complete email addresses for a friend's AOL mail IMAP account. Main issue: in Apple Mail, recently contacted email addresses are not appearing via auto-complete. As such, I'm doing some research for him and have some questions:

- Any resources on how email contacts are managed in Apple Mail?

- Any resources on how email contacts are managed in Apple Contacts? What's the difference? I'm not 100% clear how they are linked.

- Seeking alternative to Apple Mail for someone who is legally blind. Are there some alternatives with a simpler interface and possibly better integration with VoiceOver? Just curious

Any help is appreciated.

Mac Mini (late 2012)
Mac OS X 10.8.5 (12F45)
Apple Mail v 6.6
Apple Contacts v7.1


I have several Macs. Mail auto-complete works without issue on all of them. Auto complete of email addresses in Address Book and received and sent messages should just work. There is nothing special about AOL accounts.


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Mail remembers the email addresses from your sent and receive emails. When you want to send an email to someone type in the address or going to Contacts to select the email and it will be remembered by Mail.

Have you quit Mail, then started it up again. Sometimes a restart of the program will help make it behave the way it should.


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Plus in Mail it remembers every email address received and you can see that in the Mail menu item 'Window' and in that drop-down "Previous Receipts". It will auto-complete these addresses also besides those in your AddressBook (Contacts in 10.9.x).

The "Previous Receipts" was always a problem for me. It sometimes can become huge and unwieldy and can cause problems. Apple IMHO needs to find a better way.