character viewer

Meira Kingberg

Hi All, I'm new and I have a question about using the character viewer from the drop down menu when you click the language flag. It used to be so easy. There was an insert button now that I have Mountain Lion, I have no clue how to use any of the characters. I've saved some to "favorites" but I can't drag them into a text, even a pages doc so what do I do. Some of them I use regularly. BTW, your "smiley" viewer isn't working for me and I just had a big system clean up by a tech I know and trust.
Thanks, Simbalala, When you say "editor" do you mean like text edit? They don't work in Pages. I don't work with computers so I have gaps in my understanding. I use it a lot but aside from my photography, I'm strictly a home user and past the age where I learned in school. :p
When you click on the Flag in the finder menu bar to select "Show Character Viewer" and it appears just hold click the character you want to use and click & drag it to your document spot.
I think my question is actually what apps does it work on? Before 'Lion" I could use all of them even in Facebook. now I can't. Some work in mail messages and some don't.

then try to clear your font cache by using the free Onyx. Use that to clear the font cache (and other caches0 and then reboot to rebuild those caches. Maybe this will help.
I have Maccleaner. Is Onyx similar? I always clear my cache. We get a lot of ads on our browsers and they dump stuff into it so have to be cleared a few times a day.