Cinema Display With Powerbook


I have a new 20" cinema display which I am using with a
powerbook, with the lid closed.

Works fine -- except -- I sometimes have trouble waking
it up after the powerbook goes to sleep. I often have to
reboot the machine. I'm running 10.4.2, and I have the
keyboard plugged directly into the computer's USB port
rather than the display's port.

I try to have the computer sleep whenever it's idle to
avoid overheating
The PowerBooks and iBooks were not designed to operate Lid Closed. That is why you can only do this by running a third-party hack such as iSleepLess. The keyboard area provides much of the ventilation for the laptop.

If it does start to overheat, it will often stay in sleep mode until the processor has cooled down. If I were you, I'd put the PowerBook on a stand next to the cinema display. That way, you still get all the benefits of the big screen and full size keyboard, but as a bonus you can use the extended desktop mode for more screen real-estate.
That is not true. Both my TiBook and my AlBook have been more than happy with operating with the lid closed as a supported configuration. There is no heat problems with these machines. All you have to do is plug in a USB keyboard and away you go. Now I cannot speak to iBooks or older powerbooks so it might be the case there.