Cisco Client in Login Items


Hi Guys,

I have installed Cisco's "AnyConnect" VPN client on my system (10.7.3). I normally log in as a non-admin user.

For all users on the system, the AnyConnect application appears in their "login items". The problem is, I can delete it from all of the user's login items but upon reboot, it is back.

Can anyone suggest places to look of where / how Cisco is doing this?

I'm going to try and open a complaint via the company I work for since I assume they will have more pull with Cisco than I do. But I figure that is mostly hopeless and its going to be quicker to figure out a way to work around this myself.

I suppose an alternative would be an automatic thing that runs that removes it from the login items but I don't know how to do that either. I just know about the GUI interface to login items.

Any help will be much appreciated.

I think you may find Cisco files in a LaunchAgent folder.
There's a minimum of 3 places to look for those:

There's several other possibilities, such as Applications Support folders, LaunchDaemons folders, etc.

I suspect that the Cisco software is coded to expect to be loaded at login to work properly - so, my question: Why is it important for you to prevent the Cisco VPN software from loading at login? Does it interfere with some other connection protocol that you may be using?
Thank you for the help.

My frustration is that it displays a GUI window which I have to command-Q to get rid of each time I log in. And I don't VPN into the office that often.
Sometimes daemons/Agents are embedded in the application package itself. Right click on the ".app" file (the program) in your Applications folder and select "Show Package Contents..." poke around in there and see if you can find it. Basically what I think Delta, (and myself) are telling you to look for the part of the program that is responsible and possible move it so it doesn't launch automatically (move to APps folder mb?).

You could also try configuring/connecting with Apple's built-in VPN service since it's supposed to be good on Lion, I just got mine working for the first time today. I had to put in everything from DNS servers to search domain, nothing was automatic for me.
But it will be different depending on your company's config. I also used a cisco VPN.

to do this go to System Preferences, click on the Network pane, and in the lower left of the window is a "+" button. Config away. If you get this working then perhaps you could just uninstall the troublesome program.