Classic Won't Boot (TrueBluEnvironment???)


John Galt Member
i can run classic when i log in as root... but, when i log in as any other name, even as my administrator name, i get the following error: "because i'm not logged in as "superuser (root)," i can't run it" or something to that effect...

how can i access classic when i'm not logged in as root???

Search for a post called something like 'super user lockout.' If you can find it, it will tell you how to solve your pobelm.
Hello All ...

i will try that "super user lockout" thing .. but let me tell my woes...

i have a beige G3. the original 6gig hard drive failed, so i got a 3gig SCSI drive (patitioned in 2) as the start up drvive .. anyways.. i figure since i have 6gig to fool with on my ATA drive .. went to install MACOSX on that ...

sounds good. problem is now i cant see my SCSI 3gig drive.. ...!

so i start up holding the shift/option/open-apple keys(after a couple tries to figure that out..) and i get to OS 9 with no extensions .. (cant get on the web that way) ...

i really want to like OSX .. but dangit i have to be able to get to my SCSI drive!!!

i copy a bunch of files over to the 6gig drive, but i am scared to move OS 9 system folder over .. ..which way is the right way? is there a folder inside of OSX that the OS9 must be in?? i will try tonite when i get home, but for now AQUA is nice, and the file system is disorienting, but very pretty...

and i feel like a hacker playing with the process viewer :D heeheeha!!!

but any time i try to lauch something "classic" i get a half drawn window that says that OS 9 cant be found ..

would it be so hard to have OS9.0.4 be included in the basic MACOSX install to refer to? just the core system folder .. ? and whats up with not seeing a SCSI disk? i think that there arent any "orginal" apple drivers on the disk .. again i know this is beta.. but i want to be able to switch 100% back and forth .. is that out of the question there?

i thought that the original user that i created on installation WAS SUPPOSED TO BE the super user ..?
i guess not?

anyways .. if you have any comments or want to email me, []

thanks for letting me vent :p
To get that SCSI problem fixed, go to apple's web site and download the update!
For classic to work, make sure all your classic stuff (mainly the system folder) is in a folder named "Mac OS 9" then go to your prefrences and seclect the name of the hard drive classic is on.
Good luck!