Cleaning Safari Cache causes a freeze (and two other questions)


Helpless Mac Newbie
Whenever I try to clean my safari cache, it always causes it to freeze and I have to forcequit. Its really annoying and I dont know whats doing it.

Also, second unrelated question.

After I restarted, process mdimport was taking up almost all the CPU. That's Spotlight indexing, right? Why did it suddenly decide to reindex? It went on for only like 5 minutes, then it quit. Weird .

Third question.

Why does the weather widget take up CPU when it should only be refreshing when I open up the dashboard?
If you clean out the temp (cache) files while Safari is running, you could expect it to freeze up. Quit Safari when you are making some adjustment to its internal files.
Same thing, cleaning out internet cache files could remove thousands of files, so Spotlight should re-index.
Tell me how a widget could refresh unless it takes some CPU? Of course, it depends on the source for the refresh.
Safari and Firefox and even Internet Explorer freeze when they're deleting huge amounts of cache. Just give it a while (you could also check disk activity; if something's happening then wait).

Spotlight will need to reindex everytime a lot of files are changed, so like DeltaMac has said, if you delete your cache a lot would have changed on your hard disk therefore it needs to reindex.

Not sure about the weather widget, I know that it only updates when you open Dashboard.
But if I try to clean out the internet cache using cocktail or something, Safari doesnt freeze. I'm cleaning it out using the "clean cache" in the safari menu.