Clever Hacks To Enhance Your Sewing Skills


Clever Hacks To Enhance Your Sewing Skills

Sewing is a field in which you can stay a student forever. You can learn so many things each day like someday you are going to learn hacks, someday tricks of using stitches and someday you will learn how to deal with the different sewing problems. People who love sewing must understand how hectic it must be sometimes and on some days you are going to love each and everything about your work.

So today let’s get started with the hacks which can make your sewing work easier and how it can also help you in enhancing your sewing skills. Usually, people go through so many problems like how to deal with the thread when you are hand sewing or how to cope up with the computerized sewing machines.

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Let’s go through some of the amazing hacks.


A Singer computerized sewing machine

Needle and a Spray

Have you ever feel like dumping all the things in the bin just because you are not able to insert the thread through the needle? Well, this thing usually happens with people who have eyesight problems and they need to use a magnifying glass for a closer look. In this case, all you have to do is to take a spray to make the thread stiff.

Once your thread is stiff you can make it pass through the needle easily in just one go. You can use hairspray or any spray which can make it stiff. Just spray it on the edge.

Measuring Tape on the Craft Table

The seamstress who is a beginner may often feel like at the time of measurement that this is one of the most irritating things they can go through in sewing. Well, we got a hack for you, and by adopting that you can easily measure anything. On the craft table stick the measuring tape, start measuring your fabric or anything by keeping it on the table and you will get the right kind of measurement for your project.

For the length, you can stick another measuring tape on the wall and each time you don’t have to ask someone for help because now you can do everything on your own.

Button Tricks

So many people have to sew the button again and again on the shirt just because the button after every day starts getting loose. Many people stitch buttons with the help of the
best sewing machine for beginners making clothes, but guess what? This kind of routine to stitch it again and again. Today you will understand the importance of nail polish and how it can make your button stick to the shirt longer.


Tricks for sewing button

Once you have stitched the button into the shirt all you need do is to take a white nail polish or transparent, use it on the front side of the button where threads are visible. In this way, the thread is going to get stick to the button and it will be fixed at its place. Isn’t it amazing?

A Pegboard

As a seamstress, you must have knowledge about what is pegboard and how it can solve most of your problems inside the sewing space? Girls who have set their own place for the sewing but they always find themselves running around the home for the specific tools. Sometimes some child is running away the tool and sometimes a pet taking away to play with it.

In this case, use a pegboard to keep all your tools at one place in front of our desk and it is going to save you lots of time. You can complete any project in no time and there is no need to wander here and there in the working space. From the bobbins and thread, you can hang the needle into it and will find it from the same place. It will create space in your room too.

Pin Sharpening Cushion

Due to the sharpness of the pins you used to pin down the fabric at the time of cutting or sewing makes your work easier. But when you keep them open for a long time or when you use these pins back to back on projects then it will stop working and you have to buy again. The only solution to keep your pins sharp and to use them for the longest time is sharpening cushion.

After using the pins if you will keep them in the sharpening cushion then even after the several uses the needles will become sharp as new. You can buy cushions from the market as well and they come in different sizes. Keep the sharpening cushion on your desk and make your pins durable for the longest time.

Finding a Grain Line

Finding a grainline can be a tiring procedure for the beginner who got little knowledge about the sewing but now with this hack, you will get it in no time. Simply just tear the threads from the sides of the fabric and by pulling one thread you can see the whole line straightly. Now you can mark the whole line with the help of chalk or invisible ink, you are done now to sew a straight line.

If you think tearing a thread can damage your fabric then you can also put a measuring tape on the fabric in a straight line and draw a line over the fabric with the help of any tool which is not going to leave any mark.

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Some hacks are amazing and they can make the life of the seamstress much easier. In this case, you can follow some of the hacks we have listed above and you will be good to go for the next project.
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