Clicking sound from new Powermac G5


Howdy! I am new here - hopefully someone can help me out.

I just bought my first Powermac, a dual 2GHz G5, about a month ago. I love it, but it is scaring me. It is doing two things that are weird.

First off, when major screen updates are taking place (such as Expose), something in the computer (not my monitor) makes a screeching sound. It's extremely faint - maybe I just have sensitive hearing, or maybe the windows need to be oiled. ::ha:: It's not a big deal, but has anyone else experienced this?

The real problem, though, is that every so often (anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours), something in the computer goes *click*. It sounds similar to an electrical relay clicking on. I have no way to predict it, so I haven't been able to determine where it's coming from in the computer.

Is this clicking normal? What could it be? What can I do about it? Thanks!
i get the same thing with the expose noises. it's the GPU on the graphics card making a noise. be thank ful you don't have a dell - the shoddy sound wiring in that makes sure the speakers pick up the same noise signals... very irritating. the GPU is normal, and i reckon you can only hear it because the rest of the computer is so quiet.
How about the clicking? I've had the screeching GPU thing in other computers, but this clicking sound is really worrying me.
i have no idea, other than 90-days free apple customer phone support. if it is something worrying, then you may need a fresh machine. at which point we can't really help....
I called and they had me do a full hardware check. The clicking didn't occur during the check but it has happened at least once since then. They suggested I take it in to an Apple retailer to have them monitor it and see what they can figure out.
At a guess, could it be a hard drive waking up or going to drives make a similar sound when waking up
It's not that - it happens whether the machine is idling or being used heavily, so I can say with certainty it's not the hard drive waking up. It's been less frequent since I moved my machine around yesterday, so we'll see whether it comes back in force or not. :(
Well since you got the new G5, afteryou first received it, did you remove the pastic strips from inside? Plus like Burns said, the high wine is the graphics card straining on high-end chores. When I replaced my ATI 9600 with an ATI x800, the wine went away. The click sound could possibly be something going wrong with the Power supply. I would push Apple on this one.