Clickwheel stopped working

Lt Major Burns

"Dicky" Charlteston-Burns
yesterday, my clickwheel stopped working on my 40GB clickwheel ipod.

all the buttons work fine, but i get no response from the wheel. i can listen to music, and i've reset it, and docked it, but nothing happens.

any thoughts? i'm going to erase it and re-install the software to see if it a software fault with the wheel function
I find that sometimes my scroll wheel will respond again if I place my entire palm over the wheel for a moment or two. Seems to "reset" the wheel when it becomes unresponsive... which is usually caused when, for some reason, it can no longer properly detect the electric connections made when your finger touches the wheel.
tried that, just then... no, what i think happened is that some rain got into the clickwheel and shorted the touchpad.


this isn't going to to be cheap, even though it's in warranty, as apple charges for diagnosis. which is STUPID.
Apple didn't charge me for any diagnosis while my iPod was under warranty... I had a "hold" switch problem, and filled out the online service form. Box arrived, sent the iPod, came back with a note saying that no problem was found (and, strangely, no problem exists now) and that I wouldn't be charged anything.

Of course, this was not due to any kind of user-inflicted damage, so rain in the clickwheel may be a different story.
ah! solution! the £35 charge was for phone support! the guy i spoke to didn't evenhint that the web was usable, and it'd excaped me...

but i think you're right about the rain, although we're not talking a bath here, or even torrential rain, i got it out of my pocket and it was raining. it really was the minimum i could use it....