Cloning my hard drive 10.3.9 (G4)

Discussion in 'Mac OS X System & Mac Software' started by mainestay, Jan 8, 2007.

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    I need help... I have no idea how to clone my hard new hard drive. I am running 10.3.9 on a power mac g4. I got a new hard drive as my current one I think is failing and I need to copy EVERYTHING I have on my current drive to the new oneie. applications, operating system, and all files and folders. I downloaded carbon Copy but can't figure out how to use it or what I need to do first like hooking up the newhard drive next to the old one....Please help me!
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    Follow these steps:

    1. Launch the Program.
    2. After Carbon copy Cloner (CCC) starts up, go the program's Preference file (by clicking on the "Carbon Copy Cloner words in the menu).
    3. In the CCC's Preferences put a check mark in the box for "Make bootable", the save the Preferences. This will make you copy drive a drive to boot OS X from if needed.
    4. Back in the main CCC window, use the "Source Disk" pull down menu to select the drive you want to copy from.
    5. In the "Target Disk" pull down menu select the disk you want to make the backup.
    6. Near the bottom by the blacked out "Clone" push the lock button and supply your password. This is needed so the program can copy sensitive OS X System files to make an exact copy.
    7. Now push the button for "Clone"

    The clone will take around 20 to 40 minutes depended on the size of the data needing copying and the speed of your processor. The clone will make an exact copy of your hard drive. So you backup disk better have enough room for all the data.

    Now CCC is a tinker's backup program. If you want really simple backups the keep a current copy (up to date, i.e. synchronize) consider getting the easier backup program like SuperDuper. It is a lot easier and a little more functional.

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