Cloud Backup as a redundancy. Suggested providers?


Now that I have Big Sur and Time Machine basically straightened out (or at least I think I do :), I'm looking at a cloud backup system for redundancy. The hidden minefield that isn't always clear is the "syncing and saving your files to the cloud" choices. I had a nightmarish time recently turning off Dropbox's desire to put everything in the cloud as a default; I don't care for Apple's all or nothing approach. What I "just simply" want to do is have a full cloud backup (sort of like Time Machine in the sky) but I have local access to my files. I don't want to have to pull files down whenever I need them. I'm not accessing across all my devices. Just looking for secure backup off site.

I got an email today from iDrive that sounds pretty good for 2TB. Will this work?
Any other recommendations where I can set up an automatic backup (even weekly) and still access all my files locally?

Thanks in advance!