Clustered G4's - Can 1 Ps Run 2 Mb's?


I thought I'd run the fans, usb & firewire hubs, optical drives and hard drives off a seperate power supply and just the motherboards off the power supply. Do the motherboards drain the most power from the power supply?
I would assume that the hard drives, CD drives, optical drives, fans and hubs collectively would consume more power than a motherboard.

I would not recommend running two motherboards off of one power supply. I would recommending running one motherboard and all the hard drives, optical drives, hubs and fans off of one computer power supply.

Exactly what kind of cluster is this? Can you describe it? Might be able to make a better recommendation with some details.
If I run the fans/hubs/optical and hard drives off an external supply, and you say those draw more power than a motherboard, why not run both mb's off one power supply? My drives/fans/hubs/etc will be changing all the time, but the 2 mb's won't.

Haven't put the cluster together yet. I'm using a setup like yours - dual 500, 1.5 gb ram, 3 x 80 gb 7200 rpm/2mb cache hd's, OSX 10.4, PIoneer DVD 106, 17" LCD display (getting another one soon so need a PCI video card I guess). I need the faster cpu speed for video editing and working with Tiff files. Later I'll stripe a couple of drives.
I should probably mention that I'm designing a very different kind of case for the G4 mb and would like to run 2 mb's facing each other with a fan blowing from below. No power supply, hard drives, optical drives or anything else will be in the box. It seemed silly to take a whole bunch of heat producing devices and cram them together THEN try to cool them. The optical and hard drives, power supply, DSL and dialup modems, router, voip box, fan controllers, LCD displays for thermo sensors, will all be vertically (for bottom to top air flow) housed in another sound insulated tower with big, slow rpm fans blowing air from the bottom and sucking air out of the top. Should be cool and silent if I've planned correctly. Next thing is EMF screening.
Sounds reasonable enough. This sounds like an interesting project - please keep us posted!