prompting for authentification everytime



We have several OSX 10.6.8 and 10.7.4 Macs connected to a Windows 2008 server with several shares including a Drobo.

When we attempt to move/drag files across from certain areas of the server to another, we keep getting prompted to authenticate which is being triggered by, if we enter our local OSX username and password (which have admin permissions), the username and password window closes but the move does not happen/occur.
There are no specific permissions set on the file shares at all, its all open so I don't know why this prompt keeps occurring, its driving everyone mad...
Strangely if we do a copy and paste of the file instead of moving it, then it works ok but then of course we get duplicates of files on the server...
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks
Are the Drobo's connected to the server or to another client machine? Plus from the Macs are you using the same Time Server as the Windows 2008 serverServer? <--- This is to prevent Kerberos errors.

Plus since you are using Macs in a Windows Domain you should bookmark the site and also look at their excellent reader reports. You get some good tips reading these Reader reports.
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Please be sure it is working as a NAS and is not shared by the server or another client. Did you install the Drobo software on any client? If so does it spit up any errors? Do the software logs (/Applications/Utilities/Console) spit up any errors while this problem happens? (Please don't post you whole log, just the portion of the error)