common problem with 10.0.4?


sometimes when I quit apps the icon still appears in the dock, or the arrow below showing that it's open still stays there when it isnt open. as far as i can tell there is no way to fix this except to restart... i tried re-initializing the finder but that does'nt owrk either... does anyone else have this problem and is it fixed in 10.1?
Very few times. I believe it is when a program doesn't quite quit and doesn't unexpectedly quit. So it is still using resources and for some slight mix-up can't seem to let them go. It is more likely in tight RAM situations.
In my experience, this is a problem with the dock, not with the application or finder, and can be fixed by force quitting the dock. To do this requires use of the terminal (unless someone has come up with some other method)

In the terminal type: ps -cx

Find the entry for Dock

Look in the left column, and not the number. This is the PID (process ID) for the dock

type kill pid Where pid is the number noted in the previous step

The dock should restart, and everything should be back to normal! At least, this is how it works for me. Hope it works as well for you!