compare the browsers


now the netscape 6.2 is out, which is the best browser for OS X?

My opinion is OmniWeb now. it is small, can do a lot like IE and Netscape.

Netscape is, in my opinion, the WORST browser, although it has a lot of features.:( It has problems on running the JAVA and Javascript.
IE still the best for me.....for now. Am really hoping that Omni Web 4.1 makes me change. Pages are beautiful. Just doesn't display some sites that I go to at all. IE still looks like an os 9 app so I hope someone can come through.
I use OmniWeb on OS X, but have you tried mozilla instead of Nutscrape? They are based on the same code, but atleast on linux Nutscrape 6.1 doesn't do as well as Mozilla 0.9.3.
I would like to give Opera a try but it's missing the following features:
•Scroll mouse support
•Something similar to Favorites Bar
•URL auto-complete
•fix a bug in I can't logon with my password.

Once it has these, I'll use it as my main browser.
I use Netscape 6.2 and like it very much, especially the speed with which it loads web pages and checks email. On my G3, nothing else is faster. It does have problems with Java and JavaScript, but eventually those problems will be worked out. Right now, SPEED and stability are the most important factors for me. Clicking the back button has virtually no lag time, bam, it's there. It's almost as fast as using Netscape Communicator 4.7 in LinuxPPC 2000, which was by far, the fastest internet experience I had on a 56K modem.

Netscape can't respond immediately to the user mouse click. It has a lot of features but still lack of convenient like window switcher key. It is very fast now.

IE still the most easy use browser. But it also occupys a lot of CPU time. It automatically do a lot of things even sometimes we have disable it from the preference.

OmniWeb is not stable. And the most lack feature is multithread browsing. It is slow. But it is ease to use.

After OmniWeb support the multithread browsing and it is stable than IE and Netscape, it will be the best browser I think.
I am using Netscape 6.2 and it is really fast and the best browseer on OS X I have used. I have used Omniweb, IE, iCab, and Netscape.
Personally I use Opera, and I find it to be certainly the fastest. On my configuration that is... ;) Sometimes I do have a problem here and there with certain pages ( sign-ins for example) but the problems are managable as long as they are fixed during the beta process. Flash is sporadic, sometimes it'll work other times it's a no go...
I can't use just one :)
I was using Omniweb and IE, but am now using OW and Mozilla (the latest overnight seed... the tab browsing would be really cool if it worked right).

Mozilla is nice and fast, noticeably faster than OW. But OW has those oh so nice anti ad and anti popup features. If Mozilla had those I'd be using it full time.

Browser speed has always been one of the few things I found better on a PC. But then again the layout of Mac browsers are so superior that I don't mind a slight delay.
This is what I use
* Netscaep 6
* Netscape 4.77
* IE 5
* Opera
* Omni

NN 4 shows its age, NN6 is good but gets on my nerves at times with slowness, IE I use seldomnly. opera is ok, omni I love ;)
They all ghave bad points, so its not like one is the best :p

Although I agree Omniweb is beautiful and I'd love to use a cocoa app instead of carbon, it crashes on me every time I use it! That's the kind of behaviour I'd expect from a pre Mac OS X application. I haven't used it once without submitting a bug report. Currently I use Microsoft Explorer 5 - excellent browser.
I just discovered that OmniWeb 4.1 sp 7 has speech recognition! cool!!! You can even speak the links on the page, and it will go to them (well, sometimes at least) commands like reload page, stop, go back, and go forward work more consistently. Hands-Free web navigation!!! :D
What ever happent to Apples Cyberdog? By the time I got interrested, it wasn't there any more. I think the site is
I really don't know what it was, I just read something in a very old Macworld about there being 3 major browsers, Netscape, IE and Cyberdog
Wouldn't a browser by Apple be great?
Perhaps it would be great... but...
I would much rather prefer a browser collaborative, (like the PPC collaborative :p)... this way stuff gets done faster, and perhaps standards are in place.... like W3C standards :p