compiling xchat

What errors are you getting in compiling it? I have a perfecly fine and working X-Chat on my OS X system that I was able to compile.
the "thing" which configure is missing is "cc", which is a c-compiler. You'll need that to translate the sourcecode into a binary-code for <strong>your</strong> machine, and it is part of the developer tools. Without that no compiling... On the other hand, if you don't have them installed you won't have a running XWindow-System either, right?
Note that MacOSX is <strong>not</strong> XWindows. And therefor you cannot just compile any Linux/Unix-App and hope it will run happily under MacOSX.


This is what i think went wrong in those pictures. The make did not complete so that it would be impossible to make install. Remember, if the ./configure or make end with errors the final install most likely wont work because it is not fully configured and compiled.

Edit: BTW where did you get that really cool wallpaper =)
The 'make' failed because the binary 'msgfmt' wasn't found. Msgfmt is part
of the gettext package from

I haven't looked at xchat but there is a strong possibility that there is
a configure option like --disable-nls, I would try that first.
go to they have XChat precompiled with a lot of other things. You should go their, it has some really great stuff.
Ive been told Xchat works great if I setup XFree under OS X.. Ive attempted X under OSX but thats quite slow on my iBook Dual USB/500MHZ... Is there a carbon port of OS X? If not how difficult would coding something like that be?

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