computer not starting up completely



I recently had computer problems that we addressed and the ticket is now closed but I can't seem to locate it to reopen.

One of the solutions was to delete files to get at least 12 gig of space on my drive to eradicate errant files on my desktop.

I did that and everything was fine until I deleted the trash, repaired permissions, and then restarted.

Now the computer will start, I'll hear the chime, see the gray screen, then the blue screen showing the mac loading, and then the desktop but just for a second then the screen goes to blue again with the small little gear looking icon spinning. That's as far as it will go and this is what I need help with.

I'm on a library computer so I may be slow to respond because of the travel that's involved.

Thank's in advance, I hope I explained it well



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I hope you have a backup because it sounds as if you have a dying/dead hard drive. I have said it before backup, backup, backup.

In all seriousness, please replace your hard drive and get a viable external backup going with something like Carbon copy Cloner or something along that line.

Sorry to deliverer of bad news, Good Luck.