connecting dual monitors to a G5


I just got another monitor for my G5 and i went to connect it to the back of my computer using a vga to digital adapter. but the 2nd port (actually it has a 1 by it) has a thicker shell around it so my adapter wont connect to it. does anyone know why this is? is it not made for a digital monitor hook up?



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are you sure the adaptor you have is for dvi and not adc? they look very similar, but are sized different, which may be what your problem is.


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you are (basically) trying to connect two DVI monitors to a Power Mac G5. this mac can't do this out of the box. the Power Mac G5 has, usually, two display ports. One is a DVI (Digital Video Interface) port (the digital monitor standard), the other, an Apple Display Connector (ADC), which was apple's innovative connector that combined a signal, usb and firewire and power though one port and one cable, which is now dead.

one looks like this /:::::::+\ , the other looks like this :):::::::+)

the rounded one is the ADC. you are trying to connect an analogue, VGA monitor with a DVI connector, to an ADC port. you will therefore need a DVI to ADC connctor, of which i also have, which will cost you around £30.


i'm trying to connect an analog monitor. is there an analog to ADC? or do i need to do the analog to dvi to adc.....thats a mouthfull