Constant Entourage Error Messages


I work for a small business that relies a lot on consistent email communication. We are using a GoDaddy email account that we have set up through our Microsoft Entourage programs on all of our Mac computers (all four of us work on Macs).

We have been bombarded by error messages on Entourage. For example just today I have received two error messages: Internal error (-17900) saying "Mail could not be sent" and Sorry, over your relay limit (-17099) saying "Mail could not be sent."

Over the past few weeks we have gotten Error -3259, Error -2171, Error -17895.

It is becoming extremely frustrating!

I have tried researching some of these problems on line but have not found a whole lot of helpful information. I spoke with a rep at GoDaddy to see if it had to do with our email server itself. He said that everything seemed to be set up properly and that it was either a problem with the Microsoft program or with the Internet Service Providers.

I would really love some help on figuring out what the issue is, why we are receiving so many error messages, and how we can ensure that we wont receive anymore and that our emails will be sent properly. Do you think you can help?



Staff member
This is an error message from the "GoDaddy" email server. This could mean about anything depending upon "what" is providing the message on their end and we really don't know from the post.

That said... in my experience with managing mail servers is that this type of message could be 1 of 2 problems...

1) They limit the number of similtanious connections from a single IP address. In my experience as mail admin that typically small businesses like yourself can easily "exceed" default settings of a mail server and settings have to be increased to handle the additional connections from a single IP address. While this could be the problem, I highly doubt GoDaddy's mail server has "default" settings, but doesn't mean the server your on doesn't need a little tweaking.

2) The word "relay" means "sending" emails. You have exceeding your limits. Why is this? How many emails do you send out daily, and what is the "limit" on outgoing SMTP. What it sounds like to me is perhaps your not using SMTP Authorization or someone is not and perhaps this is causing the issue. Sometimes you can "bypass" limits on mail servers by using alternative ports. Typically port 587 is a standard alternative port for SMTP connections. So, instead of 25, change it to 587.

It appears they don't want people spamming and limit outgoing email for various reasons. If someone on your network is running a Windows box and it's infected, it could be sending out thousands of emails all day long. Hence, you reach your limit.

I would hope that GoDaddy could provide better support for you, but sometimes you get what you pay for.