Contacts not syncing between iMac & iPhone/iPad


My daughter has an iPad and an iPhone running the latest version of iOS 7 and an iMac running Mavericks.

Once she got her iPhone, she realized the utility of using her Contacts app and, curiously, she chose to fill in all her addresses via the iPhone instead of adding them to Contacts in her iMac using her keyboard.

On her iPhone > Settings > iCloud, Contacts are turned on.

Last night, on her iMac, in System Prefs >iCloud, she checked the box for Contacts in order to begin her first sync of Contacts.

Over 12 hours later, Contacts on her iMac still have only the one or two addresses she entered months ago but none of those she has added to the iPhone have populated Contacts on her iMac or on her iPad.

Can anyone offer _any_ suggestions??

Many thanks


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Does your daughter have the Apple ID account listed with password in the Settings>iCloud>Accounts? It is the Apple ID that needs to be used for iCloud sync. The same must be done on the iMac in Preferences>iCloud>Account details.


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Plus sometime just first visiting the iCloud Web site look at the contacts section to make sure the contacts you want are there. Then on the affected devices sometime unchecking (keeping the contacts on the Mac) and after waiting a minute, re-checking Contacts in the iCloud in System Preferences. Then just merge the info for contacts again. See if this works for you, Good Luck.


I apologize for not replying sooner to the posts by Cheryl and Satcomer; had an accident which incapacitated me for a bit. Will forward these suggestions to my daughter and post the results here.

Thanks, again, for the suggestions