Converting video


Some days ago, i purchased some movies from iTunes Store.
All along, i had previously used some audio conversion software, such as tuneclone, mac m4p converter etc., how about the itunes video converter, i has not yet tried.
My friend recommended me M4V Converter Plus, and i took a try, feeling really good.
Are there any other suggestions? Talk about this, please.
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Your identical question was posted at a couple of other sites recently -
Along with dredging up a dead thread, your post seems little spammy - but just for the other folks who might need some actual help with converting video files:
Handbrake still is the software of choice for most here:

Also, IFFmpeg is very capable of doing what you need with most video formats:
Unfortunately iTunes purchased videos or movies are DRM protected, you cannot play them freely besides 5 Apple devices. Try Pavtube ChewTune to strip off this kind of protection first and then you can freely play your itunes videos.
Hello, I am Andrew.
I came here just because I have the same question. I purchased a VR video converter to help me watch movies on Samsung Gear. But when I import the iTunes movies to the converter, I failed to convert them. I read all your replys, and does it means I have to bought another software to convert iTunes movie?