Cool Mac OS X screenshot

Did you do anything special to your terminal window in order to see the iTunes window behind it. Mine doesn't do that. Maybe because I have my background set on the terminal to black.

you can use tinker tool to make the terminal translucent ... (you can download it from or from versiontracker...):)
My terminal background is set to black as well. There is an application
called tinkertool you can get from You can do many things with it not only set transparecy to the terminal window:)

Cool. I've heard of tinkertool, just didn't think I wanted anything it did. Looks like that setting tricks the "TerminalOpaqueness" in in your ~/Library/Preferencees directory.

Thanks for the info.

try this out, i got it from

1. Open a terminal window.

2. Type the following exactly:

defaults write TerminalOpaqueness x

(where x = a value between 0 and 1, ie .75)

3. Set your background color to black and text to white in the

4. Close and open a new terminal session.

This is a user preference and will therefore differ based on the profile of each user.


I think what you want to type is:

defaults write TerminalOpaqueness x

Didn't know the defaults command existed, that's pretty handy for somethings.

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I think what you want to type is:

defaults write TerminalOpaqueness x

Didn't know the defaults command existed, that's pretty handy for somethings.


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Mr Frost : I got that song from Napster. But im sure gnutella has it. Gnutella is great! But dont be downloading things from napster i heard they are sending people viruses or somthing like that. Well once i get my cable connection back i will send it to you as an attachment. See ya later and long live OS X;)
I have never been able to get it to work.
I use ragester, it can use freeNAP servers, so I go and search. The prob is that freenap servers have limits to how many the can serve :(
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Frost, you biatch, why aren't you using 10.0.3???


Because troy, I have problems with "sleep" on my G4 that makes me have to reboot when I use 10.0.3
That's all...
AdmiralAK, Where do you get Ragester from? i miss napster! Can u mail me where i can find it? cos i dont check this very often, oh and by the way, my HD icon has somehow dissappeared from my OS X desktop, god knows why and i dont know where it went! any answers wold be appreciated, please mail me and not leave replies here cos idont check it very often! cheers ppl!
guy xxx
ok ok ok. Gnutella is great for me. I switched to a 350 mhz iMac not to long ago and Gnutella still works great :). Check out Limewire at versiontracker. It is very great. But if you have a slow connection like dial-up. Then it might not help much. But yea, i have gotten tons of music videos, full movies (! in mpeg), and any song out there. Best thing is it can never be shut down. I adivse anyone a little curious to check it out. It's worth it
You guys have to check out Gnutella now, they changed the interface completley so it has the Aqua Interface! It ever has a setup assistant. It sure is great because you can share virtually any type of file and it can never be shutdown. Check out limewire at :0 Im posting a screenshot of Mac OS X on Gnutella so everyone can see what Mac OS X looks like. Gnutella is somthing i would really recommend especially those with my speed connections or miss napster. You all with high speed connections can download movie in an hour or so. Gnutella is the best and here is a pic of what im puttin on Gnutella:
is great - I've been trying out different clients, and the new version of Limewire seems to be about the best for X.

It seems to have a real problem remembering my setup. I have to go through the setup wizard every time I launch the app, and it always 'unexpectedly quits' the first time I launch it in a session.

Also, whilst it does have a nice Aqua interface, it's got a bloody horrible icon.

Small complaints, I know, but whatever...
oh i know right! they have the most beautiful interface since they changed it from that crappy old gray one, and they changed their icon to a 32 by 32 icon i think? I wish they could come up with a better icon like the icons for Mail, Fetch, AIM, AOL somthin cool like those. Oh yeah i cant believe RacerX e-mailed me! RacerX and sithious are like the smartest ones on these forums and im so damn suprised that RacerX took time out to help me! (because i had this huge problem with a chick)
Hey Whitesaint,

In your screenshot, are those all hard drives along the right side? If they are, how did you get them to be different like that?:confused:
Nah sorry to bring your hope up those arent hard drives, only folders. The only hard drive on there is "Big-gig" well thanks for looking at my screenshot ill ttyl