copying files from Xserver to Win2k3


Our contract artists submit Illustrator files to an FTP site on a Xserver. After they are approved, they must be moved to a Windows server in a folder named after the graphic job (.eg Folder SP123456 contains, SP123456.jpg, and any other related files)
One of my users in particular is having a recurring issue when copying them using a Mac with Leopard. He can create or copy an empty folder on the W2K3 server, insert files in to the folder, but when he tries to drag the folder with a file inside, he gets a permission error. Other Mac users seem to be able to do this. It even happens when he drags it to his desktop first! (I suspect a resource fork issue, but am not savvy about how to handle it)
I have even created a new profile for him with elevated rights on the Windows server. I have reformatted and reinstalled his OS as well. He has to do this with dozens, sometimes hundreds of folders a day, and this is affecting his, and the company's productivity, as well as creating a very frustrated worker (and me too!)


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How is he connecting to the server different from everybody else? Plus are all the machines using the same Time Server?