copying files with long names mac->win2k3 server?


Hello @ all!

This is my first post to this forum, I hope someone can help me.
(sorry if my english is not so good, i'm from germany)

We've got a Windows2003smallbuissness server running with a mac-share-volume (afp).
On the mac-side, mixed Os9 + OsX stations.
From my OsX mac I can't copy any files with names longer than 31 (32?) characters to this mac-share!!
We cannot use smb-sharing because we need compatibility for Os9 files+fonts.

I posted this problem in different forums, nobody did even respond.

Is there any solution? Is it a Windows-issue? Something like a "button-to-click" in the sever-software?

Please let me know, I'm really desperate!
our admin doesn't get it working just says: "thats a mac problem" haha :(


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Can't you use both SMB and AppleTalk sharing for that share? AppleTalk for the older OS 9 clients, and SMB/CIFS for the OS X clients?