Creating a Start-Up CD for 9.x and 10.x!


I wish to create a start-up CD from a blank CD. I have all the original Apple Systems CDs (9.x through 10.4). The reason is that I want to create such a start-up CD is to add some repair programs to the start-up disks.

I checked out
and purchased "DiskWarrior 3" and also purchased "Toast 7" because the above site said I could not simple use my iMac (Tiger) to create the CD without a third party CD burning program. I can never get a copied Systems Folder to be "blessed" when I try to create a start-up 9.x CD. I realize a start-up Mac OS 9.x CD would be easier to create than a Mac OS 10.x CD, but I can not create either!

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Everytime I purchase a new OS, I always make a copy of the disc. I just use disk utility. When I got Tiger I made a copy on the DVD-R disk. I have never had a problem with any copy.
Thank you so much for your help. The BootCD is the cure!

Walt, I can make a copy of any CD just fine, but it is adding programs to the copied CD that is the tricky part.