Curious Slowdown


I'm running Tiger on PB 12" with 768 MB of RAM.

Last night I tried to move data from an external USB to a very large RAID box via Firewire.

The only application I left running was activity monitor.

This morning the copy was not complete, and it was making extremely slow progress. I closed each of the 4 copy jobs I had queed (which took about five minutes). I intended to just resume this at work. I quit activity monitor (which took ten minutes). I closed all the other windows and told the machine to shutdown. It wouldn't. 30 minutes later and now very late for work I hit the power switch.

On restart (at work) I have found that the entire machine is mind boggling slow. Apps take 3 minutes to launch. The beachball is everpresent. Activity Monitor show very light activity. TechTool Pro says the surface is just fine, smart is just fine but doesn't like something it sees on the volume, but a root boot /sbin/fsck -fy found nothing amiss.

I have never installed virex 7.5 and the mds doesn't seem to be rearing its head.

I'm planning to replace the hard drive with a new one and re-install and use an external enclosure to get back to this drive.

I'm quite baffled and if anyone has some insight that would be great.


In Geostationary Orbit
Now did you just do a copy paste? If you did that it is your problem. OS X is not OS 9, you must clone the data because OS X is based on BSD Unix. They are several programs that will do this for you like Carbon Copy Cloner, Superduper along with others.