Darwin At Startup Problem G4 Tower


Greetings. I'm running a G4 Tower 400 Mhz. When I start up I sometimes get the Darwin login screen. Sometimes it starts up normally and I get to me desktop. However, when I do successfully boot up, I find that files are missing from my Users folder. All my iTunes disappeared, for example, also my Microsoft Identity is reset and all my email is gone from Entourage. I reformated the drive and installed a new OS (Tiger) and the same thing happens. Anyone have experience with similar symptoms? Thanks for your taking time to think about this and respond.
Running on G4 Quicksilver 2002 800MHz

OS X v10.3.9 Starting Up in Darwin Console

How can I fix it or what diagnostic steps could I take to discover the root problem.

Ran Software Update for QuickTime 7.(0.4?) and Safari (version unknown) overnight. Came back the next day, woke up computer and clicked to restart.

Get the initial grey Apple logo screen, then the blue screen and then the OS X startup dialog with the fuel guage. Fuel guage runs to 100% and then I'm dumped into the darwin console (black screen, white letters, command line) with a "login:" prompt.

I log in with a valid username and password and it goes back to the blue screen, and then the OS X startup dialog with the fuel guage and back to the darwin console login.

The system passed Apple's detailed Hardware System Test.

I've started the machine in target mode and copied the files I want onto another machine, but would rather not take the next step--reformat the hard drive.

Let me know if you've found a solution.

Have any of you tried to check for updated firmware for your hardware? This fixed a disk image mount error when I upgraded my father's PowerMac G5 from 10.3.3 to 10.3.9 using the Combo Updater. Once I applied the firmware update, all problems were fixed.

Don't remember exactly if the quicksilver might need a firmware update, but I know that the 400 MHz G4 does. Check Apple's website in the downloads section for details. It might require you booting into OS 9 to apply the firmware update (which is why it won't appear in Software Update under OS X).