Dealing with Powerbook Screen Recall



I just found out that my 2003 1ghz Powerbook is eligible for a lcd replacement under a Apple recall. What exacly will Apple replace free-of-charge? I also have a broken left hinge so am wondering is they might replace that due to the fact that it is glued to the screen assembly.

Has anyone already sent in their Powerbook, did they replace just the lcd?
Any ideas or comments?

Ps. Apple really tried to keep this recall on the DL... I guess the screen will not catch on fire or overheat like the power adapters.

This is not a 'recall', per se.
This is an Apple repair program that will replace the display at no charge if it exhibits certain issues, which are faint white spots in a specific pattern. This would not cover any other issues.
However, the hinge must be removed to replace the display, and Apple 'might' replace hinge, because the hinge is a part of the display. You should ask at an Apple service center for a better answer.
This program has not been hidden, the link is on the support page.