DHCP Weiredness

Post Production

In the network control panel, my 2 location setting are Home and Away. Home is manually configured with specific IPs assigned for my wifi and ethernet ports. Away is configured for my wifi to jump aboard the strongest open signal and ask for an IP. Away works just fine when I'm on the road; both work flawlessly when used for their intended purpose. However, when I try to use Away when I'm at home, it fails to recognize my router and self assigns an IP.

This confuses me, because it joins my network just fine, but can't find the router.

Anybody got any ideas? :confused:
Is your router set up for DHCP? I'm thinking that it's some configuration setting on the router that's affecting your ability to get online with it.
Yes, my router is set up for DHCP. When I manually tell my power book (within the Away location - network control panel for airport) that the routers IP is 192.168.x.x, and that my powerbook should be 192.168.x.2. It works just fine. It only works when I manually configure DHCP, not automatically. I recall it used to work properly once upon a time, but that was under Panther with a differnt firmware on the router.