Did Apple disable Hotfile clustering?


Mac or bust
I've been noticing that at least since Lion, it seems that hot files have not been populating in the Meta-Data zone on the drive. I've been using iDefrag for a while with NO issues whatsoever. I only use it once in several months or after a massive system update. Do any of you think that Apple disabled this feature of the file system or is there a problem with my machine? I have no bad blocks or sectors on this drive.

System: Mid 2011 iMac 21inch Core i5 16GB ram.
No, I have the .hotfiles.btree file at the root of my hard drive, with Lion installed.
That's a normally hidden file, so are you saying that you have hidden files turned on, and you don't see that file at the root level of your boot partition?
I haven't defragged a Mac hard drive since I started using OS X from the public beta 12 years ago. I haven't ever seen the need to do that on a Mac, at least not with OS X. But, I don't do any audio recording, and never get close to filling up the hard drive - or other situations where a defrag might be relevant.