Differences between Mac & PC Mouses


I've noticed when using PCs that their mouses are much more precise and easier to use than the mac counterparts. I use a Logitech wireless optical mouse, and MouseZoom to get higher speeds, but I still can't get the same level of precision on my mac. Is there something different in the way Windows and MacOS handle the mouse, or is it the hardware?
Um. I'm guessing it's the user.... but maybe it's the wireless's problem. Do you have Airport running at the same time your mouse is? How about a wireless phone? These both could cause some interference which leads to jumping... but if you're using a wired mouse and you still think that mouse movements are "less precise", I would have to say that's just personal opinion.

(There's plenty of other graphic artists and photographers that would back me up on that one)
If you'd like more precision, turn the mouse speed all the way down in the "Keyboard & Mouse" pane of the System Preferences. Higher speed != more precision.
I find wireless mice are frustrating for anything requiring precision, like graphic design or computer games. I've only ever used a Microsoft wireless optical on WinXP, bought about 1.5 yrs ago, so maybe theyve gotten better since then. I just find there is a *slight* delay between physical movement and on-screen movement. drives me nuts. but that's just me.
I think most of Logitech's mice work on both Macs and PCs. So I doubt it's the hardware. If there's a difference, it probably has to do with different drivers. You said yourself you use a third-party utility to fine-tunbe your mouse's behavior. So you'll probably need some special add-ons to get it the way you want on the Mac. I use USB Overdrive myself.

Also, I don't think it's a matter of "precision" so much as being "the way you like it". This is a very subjective thing. All I know is I MUCH prefer the feel and responsiveness of mice on Macs. But then again, I've never fine-tuned it much on Windows, and certainly never experimented with third-party drivers.