Direct ethernet connection (copying files to new mac)


Hey, I finally got my new IMac G5 today ! But I need a little bit of help copying my itunes library onto it from my emac. I tried searching but couldn't find any answers to my specific situation, so:

I've connected my two macs via a ethernet cable (direct connection) because I have no firewire cable and am too cheap to buy one. I've managed to copy nearly everything by mounting my emacs drive on my new desktop but have no idea how to go about copying my music. Can anybody help or point me in the right direction?


Also instead of starting another small thread is there any major things i should also be copying to the new mac? All I've done is my games and web design and graphics software.
There should be a migration utility on the new iMac that will take care of most of everything (check Applications->Utilities->Migration assistant).
The migration assistant only works with a FireWire cable, I believe -- not over ethernet or network.

Howabout just copying over the "Music" folder in your old home folder?

As far as software is concerned, I would highly recommend reinstalling the applications from the original install CDs or DMG/IMG files. That way you're assured that any support files for those applications are placed in the correct location on the new drive. Simply copying over the "PhotoShop" folder, for example, may not grab all the little application support files in /Library and ~/Library.