Disappearing Files


I have had 2 files disappear in the last 2 days without explaination. There are no automated processes or anything of the kind that would remove the files legitimately. My firewall is good, and all remote access has been secured. The files removed are obscure and unimportant.

I think I might have a problem with someone who has legitimate access doing the wrong thing - maybe playing mindgames. This, of course, leads to thinking I'm getting on the paranoid side, which of course makes me shrug it off.

Does anyone know of files disappearing? Is there some security application or extension I can install that will track who deletes files at what time? I'm really sick of not knowing if the OS is somehow compromised, or whether someone is playing mind-fuck games or if MacOSX can't handle its files.


Well there could be three things wrong. I will list them.

1. Someone is messing with you.
2. FileVault has been known to due what you are describing.
3. Your hard drive is really full with little room left.