Disconnect if idle for x minutes doesn't work


On my iBook G4 running OSX 10.3.9 I use the Network Pref Pane, PPP Options, to set the modem to "disconnect if idle for 1 minutes" but alas my modem is never idle for more than a few seconds. I can observe this in the Internet Connect app. The modem is transmitting and recieving every few seconds even if there are no apps running, just the modem dialed up and connected to my ISP "All2Easy.net".

I also notice a process in the Activity Monitor called "NetworkConnetivity" which shows CPU usage that corresponds with the modem activty viewed in Internet Connect. If I click "Quit Process" for this process then the modem will become idle and disconnect after the timeout period I have set in PPP Options, but of course this process is appearantly required. The web browser will not function without it running. Sometimes when I Quit Process, it will just start right back up again and of course not disconnect after the preset timeout period.

Can anyone tell me why my modem is so busy, to the point it is never idle long enough to disconnect via the Network prefs PPP Options checkbox?
Do you have any other applications still open that might be trying to access the network, such as Mail or a messenger client?
After doing some experimenting, I discovered that my forementioned problem only occurs when I utilize the accelerator software that is required to use with my ISP (All2Easy.net). If I don't use the accelerator application the problem does not exist.

Does anyone else here experience the same thing when using dialup accelerator software?
I would assume that everyone using accelerator software would experience this, but it's not a problem -- it's operating exactly as it should.

The accelerator software downloads and caches commonly accessed web pages when your connection is idle, so in actuality, your connection is NEVER idle, and, therefore, never disconnects.

That's the way it's designed to work, and both the accelerator software and Mac OS X are functioning properly in this situation.