disk utility problems


hi im trying to restore my partition and all i can do is select source and not destination.. its all greyed out...and its still greyed out when my source is choosen...i rember restoring before and it wasnt greyed out

Where are you trying to restore from, what OS version (Panther, Jaguar, Tiger, 10.4.1, 10.3.5, 10.2.6 - not in respective order), are you trying to restore to your main partition from the loaded OS - in other words, do you have the OS loaded and then where the OS is located you're trying to restore too? If so you cannot do that, you have to do that from the CD, boot off the CD then go to disk utility in the Installer Menu choices. Need a little more info here, thx.
Please provide more information about your setup so we can help you, as asked by slookster. It's very hard to suggest anything without knowing something about your setup -- OS version, hard drives, partitions, Macintosh model, or anything else you feel important to solving the problem.

Imac DV 600MZH
Fresh new install of Panther with 10.3.9

i have one HD that came with my mac and i made a partition of 5 gigs with nothing on it

so im on the FIrst HD OS and try to restore on the partition but its greyed out and same when im booted off the panther CD...
Sounds like you may be using an Upgrade disk and not a full install disk.
Are you trying to restore from a disk image, or are you trying to install the OS from the install CDs/DVD?

It sounds to me like you're doing some sort of image restore, since you mentioned "source" and "destination" in your first post...
That pic shows you want to restore from a Disk Image and not reinstall from the CD/DVD
It could be for any number of reasons... your source DMG hasn't been "scanned for restore"... you didn't specify any source, and "destination" may not highlight until you do... your destination disk is invalid... your destination disk is too small... your destination disk is in the wrong format... your disk image is in the wrong format... you don't have permission to modify the destination disk... you're trying to drag a device (instead of a partition) into the destination field...

If you'd like help in trying to get that destination field un-greyed-out, then we need the information we're asking of you in order to accurately troubleshoot the problem... otherwise, it's just guessing and taking shots in the dark. It's like asking, "Why doesn't my printer work?" -- well, there are thousands of reasons a printer won't work -- we need specifics about the setup and the problem. Just like your dilemma -- we need specifics about your setup and exactly what procedures you're doing so we can help.

Sorry for not being able to help, but you're being extremely vague about things and that makes it tough to really troubleshoot the problem!
k this is what i did..

installed 10.3..freshly (deleted whole HD and made a 5 gig partition) and then the only update i did was 10.3.9

if i did a fresh install how could i get destination ungreyed..i dont know if thats a word....probably not :)