Disk Was Not Ejected Properly Firewire 800 Daisy Chain Problem!



I need HELP!!!

I have an Imac 27in with firewire800 and USB2.

I have 3 GDrive HDD (self-powered) plugged in a daisy chain (Firewire800). The first one (1TB) in the computer, and the two others (2X 2TB), mounted in RAID 1 (mirror), plugged in series in the first one.

3 disks ON.

Then at some point, erratically, the message DISK NOT EJECTED PROPERLY... MAY DAMMAGE... appears and the RAID DIsks go offline. If I open Disk Utility I can see that the RAID is FAILED. One time it corrupt one of the disk and I was unable to rebuild the RAID from disk utility. I even thought that one of the disk was the problem and bought a new one! Same problem happened. I had to retrieve my data with DISK WARRIOR.

So new disk, same way to connect them, new cables and the same problem happen.

It seem that at least one time, it happened when one of the disk (maybe the first one on the chain, the one not mounted into RAID) went out of idling or went to idle.

Sometime if i do shut down the Imac and all the disk and reopen all, and the disks data is ok. Sometimes I have to do a rebuild on the RAID 1, one of the disk being corrupted. wich is a very long procedure.

I read a lot of threads about that, didn't found any good answers about the problem.

It is a BIG problem, my raid 1 disks are scratch disks for video editing with valuable data on them!!!

-Would a Firewire HUB could be the solution?
-Is there a known problem about daisy chain with firewire800?
-Does it have something to do with the fact that my second and third disks in the chain are mounted as raid 1?

UPDATE: When I do Eject my RAID 1 Disks properly (and while they are on idle) The popup alert telling me that the disk was not ejected properly appears AND DISK UTILITY see them offline and RADI 1 FAILED!

PLEASE I AM DESEPERATED ABOUT THAT and I spent a lot of money for new disks and DiskWarrior for nothing!!!!



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 27 in
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