Diskwarrior G4 Dual


Has anyone encountered problems using Diskwarrior
on a Mac G4/Dual running 10.3.9?

I have found no problems with any other Mac model
but the Dual will either lockup/freeze or inform me of a disk error.

Any tips?

Why? Why is this post under "Software Programming & Web Scripting?" What does DiskWarrior have to do with that?

You haven't provided us with enough information to even begin to troubleshoot your problem. Please elaborate greatly on your setup. We don't know what exact model of Macintosh you're using, what kind of optical drive you have, what version of DiskWarrior you're using, or what version of boot disk DiskWarrior has on it.

Please help us help you. With such a vague question, you're only going to get equally vague answers. If you'd like a specific solution to your problem, you'll need to be much more specific about your circumstances and setup.

My guess is that the DiskWarrior CD you have doesn't have the required operating system needed to boot the problematic machine. Macintosh computers require a minimum OS version to boot -- usually they'll accept nothing older than the version of OS that shipped with the computer, but you didn't specify whether you've got an old dual 500MHz machine or a more recent dual 1.42GHz machine.